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Luan My TeacherI was late for business studies
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there in her sexy body-hugging suit, starring at me very weirdly. She then
stood up and gave me a piece of paper and told me that I had to write `I have
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I got out a pen and started writing, after the tenth time it started to turn me
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started to edge the table off the floor, which caused my pen to fall to the
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I was sure she fucked 17 age girl noticed it, she just smiled and said " here you go". It was such
a rush.Then to my astonishment Luan went
over to the 18 petite raincoat
classroom door and locked it, what was she thinking I thought. She
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This was the biggest
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ask I thought.My trousers went down in a flash
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sight of my 7-inch beauty. I chose
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I thought. Luan didn't seem bothered and just said "who is
it?" "its Mr. Winton" replied my P.E teacher. Tom Winton was my hunky teacher
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unlocked the door and pulled him in
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After under 16 nude porn I had drained Tom's cock, he put on his clothes said thank you and that
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thought wow this was a an awesome detention, and I smiled and went home and
thought all of the other things me and Luan could get up to, which got me hard
again. To be continued...

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