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The dreams of this case strongly symbolized his child-
hood Buy Prednisolone Online tendencies and the mechanism by which his uncon-
scious complexes gradually forced him into homosexual
acts. The analysis was conducted entirely through means
of the dreams.
416 Marlborough Street.
Some Fundamental Order Prednisolone Online Conceptions.
By Morris J. Karpas, M. D.,
New York,
Assistant Resident Alienist, Psychopathic Department,
Bellevue Hospital.
In this preliminary communication I desire to set
forth the fundamental conceptions of psychic con-
stitutional inferiority. According to many authori-
ties, the group of psychic inferiority is restricted to
the intellectual domain only, and no recognition is
given to the other two faculties, emotion and voli-
tion, which are equally important. In order to ob-
tain a better grasp of this subject, it will not be
amiss to refer to the structural elements of the
human mind in their normal relations.
Roughly speaking, the human mind is composed
of three important faculties — emotion, volition, and
intellection — and each of these faculties may be
divided into groups and subgroups. In order to
establish a proper Prednisolone Tablets adjustment of the mental organ-
ism these faculties must harmoniously balance. A
concrete example will serve as illustration.
Suppose Mr. A walks on the street and sees a
man being run over by a truck. It is necessary for
him to evince an adequate emotional response ; a
certain amount of activity — will power ; and a
proper judgment in confronting such a situation.
If, on the other hand, Mr. A's emotions are en-
tirely out of proportion to his volition and intellec-
tion, by seeing such an accident he would become
emotionally unbalanced, and in Purchase Prednisolone Online the meantime the
unfortunate subject would be deprived of proper
attention. Again, if Mr. A's volition should be en-
tirely out of proportion to the other two faculties,
he would show considerable activity, but without
definite aim. Then again, should his intelligence
be so remarkably developed at the expense of the
other two faculties, he would most probably stop,
pondering over the physiology and pathology of Prednisolone Price
bleeding and the mechanics of the accident, and in
the meantime the unfortunate man would die of
hemorrhage. If you take the other extreme, say,
Mr. A's emotions are much lowered, or his volition
is not Order Prednisolone fully developed, or again, bis intellectual
sphere is defective, the mental reaction in such a
case would be decidedly abnormal. We are taking
the extremes to illustrate pathological mental states.
These illustrations prove that an inferiority in
the psyche need not be a defect in the mechanism of
the intellectual sphere only, but it may also involve
the other faculties as well. The following defini-
tion of psychic constitutional inferiority may be
offered : By psychic constitutional inferiority we
mean a defect (usually congenital) in the emotional,
volitional, or intellectual sphere, more than one fac-
ulty may be affected. As a result of this there is a
loss of mental equilibrium to such an extent as to
make one incapable of adjusting himself to environ-
mental influences.
Hence, mental inferiority should be divided into
groups — emotional, volitional, and intellectual — and
mixed types, combinations of two or more forms.
Emotional form. This form of psychic Purchase Prednisolone constitu-
tional inferiority includes a wide range of mental
pathology. It would be difficult to outline a com-
plete classification of emotional inferiority, but for
Convenience we may divide this group into two
main classes, hypoaffective and hyperaffective.
The first may again be subdivided into two Prednisolone Cost classes,
the "shut in" personality (Hoch) and the seclusive
make up with irritability and outbreaks of petulant
and uncontrollable fits of passion.
The shut in Prednisolone Online personality can be demonstrated in a
large majority of cases of dementia praecox. How-
ever, it should be remembered that there are in-
dividuals with such a personality that do not develop
deteriorating psychoses, but are rather susceptible
to neuroses. They are seclusive ; have but Prednisolone Mg few
friends and are not infrequently called misan-
thropes ; indulge in numerous fantasies, and are
fond of speculative reveries ; and lead at times an
abnormal sexual life, perhaps a bit perverse or in-
verse, and rarely marry. By reason of this peculiar
mental make up they repress their experiences. It
is rather interesting that they seem to get on very
well in their own way, and rarely come in conflict
with their environment. It is important to note
that they are usually fairly well developed intel-
lectually, and the question arises whether or not the
overpreponderance of the intellectual energy helps
to compensate for the deficiency in Buy Prednisolone emotional ac-
The second class is the seclusive personality that
is subject to tantrums. In some cases an element
of intellectual Cheap Prednisolone inferiority or neurasthenoid features
may be in tbe foreground. Such subjects are prone
to exhibit a transitory pyschosis, which usually ex-
presses itself in excitement, not of a dementia
praecox reaction, but rather of indefinite trends,
perhaps simulating an epileptoid outbreak. The
prognosis for the episode is usually good.
The hyperaffective group embraces the manic
and hysterical constitution, to which no allusion is
necessary. However, it is desirable to refer to the
hysterical temperament without clearly cut somatic
conversions and with relatively little complex fixa-
tion. Such individuals become readily upset ; cry
easily ; grow excitable and irritable ; and in them
under adverse circumstances may develop a transi- Generic Prednisolone
tory psychosis, which is usually of short duration.
Indeed, in the psychopathic wards of Bellevue Hos-
pital one sees such cases very frequently. In some
instances paranoid trends and suicidal tendencies
may develop, but in such cases one finds a recent
trauma, possibly of a sexual nature, that is responsi-
ble for the outbreak.
March 22, 1913.]

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